Posted by: CityVille | March 11, 2011

Cops and Bandits! **UPDATES**

Hey Citizens!

We have some awesome updates to Cops and Bandits! Including new rewards, more bandits and new  levels to aspire to! Check out all of these updates in Blue!

To get started on this feature begin by building a police station! You will then need to upgrade your Police Station(s) to be able to get involved with the Cops and Bandits feature!

Let’s find out more on how this works and get ready to have with these new characters to CityVille and  most of all get rewarded! Guess what? You’ll also see the first Police Cars and Swat Vans in CityVille too!

Start Upgrading your Police Station!

To get started on  upgrading your Police Station(s) you will first need to click on your original Police Station which will have a green arrow indicating you can upgrade.

Note: You will still be able to harvest for your station with these upgrades and keep all of this building’s original benefits.  When you upgrade your Police Station, all of your Police Stations you own will upgrade as well!

Requirements to Upgrade Your Police Station

  • Must be at Level 10 in game to Upgrade your Police Station(s)
  • Must Own a Police Station
  • Note:  You no longer have to collect buildable materials to upgrade your police station!

Once you upgrade your Police Station(s) you will notice a change in the appearance of your building and cops will appear patrolling the streets of your City. If you hover over these cops you may notice  they are your friends that you currently have on your ladder!

Get Started Interacting!

Click on your Police Station to start interacting with this Active Building! As you notice you will see 3 Different Tabs available to you: Officers, Bandits and Upgrades. Let’s break down these different tabs and how they will work!

Most importantly, make sure to use them to your benefit to keep track of your progress. You can check these tabs as much as you would like by clicking on your Police Station(s). Overall, you will  need to collect from businesses to increase your chances of catching a bandit! Then once you have caught them your officer will need to sleep. To wake them up you will need to obtain donuts or wait for them to awake themselves! Continue on this track and after you catch enough bandits you will be eligible to upgrade!


Get your officers out on patrol and keep them out on the streets to catch the bad guys! They will be patrolling the streets until they catch a bandit. Once the bandit is caught the officer will then go to sleep. At that point you can click on your police station to check on your officers and donut status!

Donuts are needed to wake up your officers immediately otherwise they will continue to sleep for 72 Hours and then awake on their own. How do you get one you ask? Donuts can either be purchased for 5 Cash or you can ask your Friends to Send you Donuts! Please keep in mind that you can only post to ask for more when you have an empty donut slot and that you can not ask or purchase if they are filled. You can post these feeds once per hour when you are in need of a donut.

Once you receive or purchase one it automatically fills up the empty donut icon. However, please note that you will NOT be able to store multiple donuts past filling up the one(s) you need as these donuts are not items that you will find in your inventory. Once your donut slots are filled they will remain filled until your next bandit catch/when they fall asleep.

Make sure to only click through your friend’s donut feeds when you are need of a donut as you will NOT receive an extra donut to store in the meantime. Keep in mind that there are only a limited amount that will be able to collect from a Donut Feed as well.  These feeds supply one donut per players that click and are in need of a donut. If you do not have an empty donut and click through the feed you will not receive one as mentioned above. In the case where the limited amount have already been collected through the feed by others you will receive a message that they are no longer available.

Another thing to note about your officers is that you will receive more cops when you reach the next level. For Example, when you reach Level 4 you will have 4 Cops. The cops displayed in game will be randomly selected staff members of your community buildings, neighbors or Sam. You will NOT be able to choose which friends you would like as cops.

**HINT** When your businesses are being patrolled by cops there is a  better chance of catching bandits! So keep your cops awake as much as possible! Also, make sure to keep your eyes out for Donut Feeds to help out your friends! Not only will you be helping your friends but you will receive one in return if you are in need of a donut!


You will see bandits appear in your City when you are collecting from your Businesses and Franchises. Keep an eye out for them as they lurk around your City with a bag of money on their back. **HINT** Pay attention to your Citizens when you collect from your businesses and franchises as a bandit may appear.

Note: They will NOT appear everytime you collect from a business so make sure to always be watching when you collect! They appear randomly so you will need to keep your eyes peeled and your cops ready for when they appear.

You will receive a pop up letting you know when there is a bandit the first time one appears in your City so you know what to look out for. As mentioned, Bandits will be carrying around a bag of money but rest assured this is NOT a deduction from your payout. It’s just part of the Cops and Bandits game play!

Once you find the bandit, click on them and you will be rewarded and it will be marked as a bandit caught.

Note: If you receive an error while trying to catch a bandit, you will need to try catching that bandit again by collecting again from your businesses. There will be a variety of bandits to catch that will be available when you upgrade your Police Station. Here is a breakdown of all of the bandits you can catch!

Level 2 Bandits

All of these bandits require 1 Officer to be on Patrol to Arrest. The reward upon catching them differs as noted below.

  • Billy the Bandit – 400 Coins
  • Meowing Marauder – 500 Coins
  • Couture Bandit – Watch Shop Appears in Inventory (Coin Payout = 534, Requires 120 Goods, 5 Build Clicks)

Level 3 Bandits

All of these bandits require 2 Officer to be on Patrol to Arrest. The reward upon catching them differs as noted below:

  • Pie Faced Pete – 600 Coins
  • Mommy & Clyde – Baseball Bouncy will automatically appear in Inventory (Bonus 11% Payout)

Level 4 Bandits

It will require 4 cops on patrol to be able to catch this bandit! Here is the reward for catching this bandit:

  • The Heartbreaker – Donut Shop (Coin Payout = 702, Requires 130 Goods, 7 Clicks to Build)

**Note: These Item Rewards are exclusive to catching Bandits. They are not available through the Market Place**

Level 5 Bandits

It will require 5 cops on patrol to be able to catch these bandits! Here are the rewards for catching them:

  • Meredith the Magician – Magic Shop (Coin Payout 702, 8 Clicks to Build, Supply with 130 Goods)
  • Night Owl Nick – 700 coins
  • Page the Book Worm – 800 Coins

Level 6 Bandit

It will require 6 cops on patrol to be able to catch this bandit! Here are the rewards for catching this bandit:

Gary the Gadget – Camera Store (795 Coin Payout, 150 Goods, 8 Clicks to Build)


In order to upgrade your building you will need to catch a certain amount of bandits or purchase the upgrade.

Level 2

Requirements to Unlock: As mentioned above you will need to gather enough items required to upgrade for the first time.

Reward: Being able to catch bandits for rewards and have cops appear in your City walking around.

Level 3

Requirements to Unlock: You will need to Catch 10 Bandits or Purchase for 60 City Cash

Reward: Your Police Station will grow in size and Police Cars will appear when you catch a bandit.

Level 4

Requirements to Unlock: 30 Bandits or purchase upgrade for 120 City Cash

Reward: The Police station will grow in size again and appearance will improve. Also, you will have Swat Vans appear when catching a bandit.

Level 5

Requirements to Unlock: 60 Bandits or purchase upgrade for 180 City Cash

Reward: The Police station will grow in size again and appearance will improve. Also, you will have Police Sports Cars appear when catching a bandit.

Level 6

Requirements to Unlock: 120 Bandits or purchase upgrade for 360  City Cash

Reward: The Police station will grow in size again and appearance will improve. Also, you will have Helicopters appear when catching a bandit.

Hope you enjoy and get ready to get involved with this awesome new way to turn your plain community building into an active building!


The CityVille Community Team


  1. When will we get level 7 and above?

    • Gane de recompensa timbre y moneda y por error lo elimine , coloque los rascacielos que pide la mision pero me queda inconclusa por ese edificio quie pèrdi. Como hago?

    • I’m still at level –6–, i’ve been watching for the next level on the police stations.

      • It’s nice to update our police statins now it will be a great challenge, cityville is a geat game.

  2. hi, i have captured 276 bandits, however i have never seen a Mommy and Clyde Bandit. What do i need to do to see and capture this bandit?

  3. @Karen,
    I’ve captured Mommy and Clyde, but never Gary the Gadget. If we could level up and have more cops on duty, it might be easier to capture all of them. I am tired of catching Billy, the Meowing Marauder, Nick, and Page.

  4. I don’t know HOWyou capture Gary!1 I’m at a level 70 someting and I’ve never seen him! I thought maybe you had to have a certain business. I am sick of these bandits too. I don’t need any more magic houses: I have 5 or so and have yet to place one! NO ROOM!! We need a way to get zoning permits faster and get MORE ROOM!!!

  5. How come I have donuts but still cant catch bandits?? This has happened several times

  6. How do you catch the couture bandit? I’ve caught all of the other ones besides her and the heartbreaker. I play daily and continue to only get Billy, Page and the Meowing bandits. Very frustrating!

  7. it sucks, i saw mommy and clyde once, but of course no donuts! and i have the donut shoppe, thank god. i also saw merideth the magician once, but of course no donuts! i try to not catch the other bandits so i can save my donuts, but it sucks. i want the special businesses (and the bouncy).. not coins.

  8. Why do the cops always crash their cars and leave the motor running? Is there anyway of keeping them from doing this?

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