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Get Cruisin’ in CityVille!

Hey Everyone,

Ready to increase your coins and speed up your businesses? YES! That’s what I thought 🙂 This new feature “Cruise Ships” will be a fun way to introduce new tourists to your city and let them visit all of your booming businesses! Let’s learn about CityVille’s newest feature Cruise Ships and how it will work! All aboard…

Unlock your Cruise Ships

To get started you will need to begin the “Unlock your Cruise Ship” Quest Line. You must  follow finish these quests and complete your City Port to unlock the Cruise Ship Feature. Along the way you will receive some extra cool rewards too! Click on the following Icon to begin these quest and work towards unlocking Cruise Ships!

Note: You will need to be Level 20+ to receive these Cruise Ship Quests.


Do you love getting rewarded through Quests? Check out these exclusive items that you can gain by completing these Cruise Ship quests!

Street Performers –  This decoration should be automatically added into your inventory. This item will be 2×2 in size and have a payout of 1% Bonus!

Water Front Condo – After you finish ALL of the Cruise Ship Quests you will receive this nifty home! This home is perfect for your citizens that like to relax by the beach. This item will be a 3×3 in size and will require 8 clicks to build. The population payout for this home will be 15o. The rent payout for this home will 230 Coins when you collect from it!

Note: This item is exclusively gained through completing quests and will not be purchasable under the “Build Tab”.

Building your City Port

Most importantly, to get your Cruise Ships running you will need to place and finish your City Port.  You will find this item in your inventory as soon as you start the “Unlock Cruise Ships” quest.

Note: you can ONLY place this item near your water.

To finish this building you will need to gather Buildable Materials. Some of these Buildable Materials will be found on the Free Gift Page while others can be requested via Feed Requests.

TIP: Through completing the first Unlock Cruise Quests you will receive Sunglasses as a Reward. Wait to request Sunglasses until you complete the first quest!

NOTE: Finishing your building will unlock cruise ships NOT the quest completion.

Using the Cruise Ship

Now that you have built and finished your City Port you can send tourists to your City! Remember that having these tourists in your City will help increase your coins and speed up your business payouts!

A cruise ship will arrive at your City Port. Collect from your Cruise Ship to unload tourists into your City. You will need to Supply the Cruise Ship with 300 Goods every time you want to send tourists to your City so make sure to produce enough goods before hand. When collecting from your Cruise Ships, your payout will be 1,350 Coins and you will also receive a chance to gain a collection item!

TIP:  Make sure to have all of your buisnesses supplied before you unload these tourists! Make sure your city has businesses for them to shop at.

Make sure to let the tourists shop around before you leave your city. Going to your neighbors or refreshing may cause them to disappear. It is best to let the tourists finish their shopping and help boom your businesses before starting your next missions.

You can only unload tourists in your City once every 12 Hours. During that down time the Cruise Ship will be out and about collecting more passengers to come to your City!  As mentioned before, make sure to strategize your timing of when you want to unload your tourists so it coordinates with your businesses being ready.

Tourism Collection Reward

As mentioned earlier, you can gain Cruise Ship Collection Items. Once you have one of each you can redeem your collection!

Your reward for trading in your collection will be the Coconut Tree! This awesome decoration will be 1×1 in size and will give a 1% Bonus Payout!

Well folks, that’s about all! We hope you enjoy this new feature and hope you take advantage of this great way to make some extra coins and boost your businesses quickly! We’d love to hear your constructive feedback to so please post your feedback in the following thread in the Official CityVille Forums.

Now, let’s build something together!

– Clerk Casey



  1. One of the goals are to send the couple to Rio. How do I make the Cruise Ship go where I want it to go?
    Dale Davis

  2. hi does anyone know how to get this quest started, i am level 62 and still have not had a pop up to offer the start of this task

  3. I’ve tried several times to place the city port and it won’t stick! I have lots of room near the water,but no luck. What can I do to place the port?

    • 1. Clear your cache on your browser.
      2. Find a place where it turns green, as it happens with any other building. It MUST touch water, not be near it.
      3. If you have direct access to water and it does not change to green, check for any obstructions you might have there, rabbits, flowers all the other usual stuff. Remove them all from the area and bring back later.

      These are the steps that helped me. Hope they work for you.

  4. Hi I’m trying to start the cruise ship questes but cant find city port anywhere at all.

  5. although this does answer some problems,I find that I cannot build a pier because it says I need to finish seaport goal.I have finished and unlocked seaport goal and cruise ship is working but I find I still need sunglasses to finish seaport goal,could you please explain what is happening.

    • I am having the same issue!

      • I am having the same issue!

  6. I have just noticed that where you buy houses it now has two different population numbers i.e 250-400 as an example.
    Could you please explain the two different numbers as I don’t want to buy one and be short of the population because I read it wrong.
    Thank you I love the game (CityVille).


    • You start out with the 250 than when you collect off those houses sometimes you get a little uhaul truck with your xp & heart click on that it increases your poputlation sometimes 20 or more at a time. This is a new thing just came out and it builds up your population for each property. Hope you caught on to me.

    • The 250 is your current population, the 400 is your population limit.

  7. I have the cruise ship. I wanted to move the City Port so I could place the ‘lookout’. My Little Liner became detached from the port and can not get re-atteched. How may I correct this? Is there an ‘undo’ feature to Cityville?
    I hope you can help me on this.
    Thank you.

    • First you have to get rid of your boats at the pier to move it. That means you have to sell boats (Not send them out to get loads) After piers are empty than you can move with move button 4way arrow. Hope this helps.

      • Sorry Barbara, but that rule (selling boats) applies to Piers, not the CityPort (for cruise ships). One should be able to move the Port like any other building, so I’m not sure why the liner detached from Mary’s Port. I have found though that, occasionally, I can’t place my Port anywhere when trying to move it, and sometimes it won’t even go back where it was to start with! I suspect this is because a liner is out at sea, but I can’t find any help on this…

  8. how do you get more big cruise ships

  9. how do you get more cruise ships

  10. Please tell me how I get the bridge that it is talking about

  11. My question is this: I only have sunglasses remaining in order to complete the City Port. I’ve had friends click on the ‘sunglasses’ on the news feed but I never receive those sunglasses. When I look at the news feed myself, what is posted states “Get Sunglasses.” Does this mean that whenever someone clicks on it, THEY are receiving the glasses instead of sending them to the person requesting them??

    Thanks for any info…

  12. How do you get a cruise ship… I am trying to finish the 4th qwest and cannot find where to buy the cruise ship or know how to get one to my city.

  13. Cannot get the Cityport to stick to the ground anywhere on or near the water. This has been going on for weeks. HELP please…

  14. how to add more cruise ships to the port? is there any way to do it?

  15. By the way I can not find a City Dojo and that is why I am asking what it is.
    Thanks again.

  16. Is there a way to move the city port?

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