Posted by: CityVille | April 13, 2011

Clumsy Carl’s Police Adventure!

Let’s face it; no self-respecting officer wants to be on foot patrol day-in and day-out. Sure, it’s fun for a while: the occasional free slice of pizza from the Pizza shop, getting into staring contests with one of those street performer robot guys, and the ever-present sound of the city all around you. The reality is, I can only put up with Billy the small time crook and his daily smash and grab attempts for so long before I get fed up!

It’s funny how one little Police helicopter mishap can land you back on the street assignment. I told the chief that the owner of the burger place should thank me! I mean seriously, that huge chunk I took out of their sign gives it character. Heck, if you’re standing 10 blocks away and squinting, it almost looks like someone thought their food was so good that they took a bite out of it!

Those guys at the Arboretum weren’t too happy either. So what if I was flying a bit low? That’s one less gardener they have to pay this month! What about the tree, you say? Arboretums with 4 trees are so last month, the new craze is 3 trees and one mangled stump that looks like a helicopter ran into it! True story!

I know my buddies at the Fire Department will back me up when I say that’s one less tree for a cat to get stuck in. Sounds like a win-win situation in my book!

Make sure to bookmark this page for more great stories from the city! Who knows who will show up next?


  1. congratulations for city ville is my favorite game.


  3. cool

  4. so this is the story of cityville police. nice 🙂

  5. Nice story Carl!
    I love how Zynga have got a great idea of sharing character’s life storys and their lives in CityVille with their jobs.
    Next, I recommend you to do a robber’s story about them in Cityville and why they rob into people’s stores. That would be really interesting!
    Well, I can’t wait to see the following story in the future 🙂

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