Posted by: CityVille | April 18, 2011

What will Storage Upgrades hold?

Hey Citizens!

Guess what? We’re giving you the ability to store MORE! Always wanted to be able to hold your Businesses, Homes, Community Buildings without having to delete or sell them? Well folks, now you can with the Upgraded Warehouse! Let’s review how  this feature will work so you can start storeing your City’s most valuable buildings.

How do I get an Upgraded Warehouse?

First, you must make sure that you have the original Warehouse. This can be gained by completing the “Warehouse Goal #1” which is available for all players Level 13+. Once you have complete this goal and have placed your Warehouse you will be prompted with the “Upgrade Warehouse” Goal.  You will then be required to finish your building by staff up your new Warehouse by staffing up and hiring your friends!

Make sure to tell your friends you need help so you can start storing your buildings as soon as possible!

How do I  Store an Item/Building?

This works just like our previous storage! To store a building you will need to make sure that your Warehouse is placed in your City. To find and store a particular item all you have to do is click on the “Tool Menu” and choose the Warehouse Icon. Then take the Warehouse cursor and click on the specific item you want to hold in your storage. By completing this action your building or item will automatically be added to your Upgraded Warehouse.

To view what you have stored simply click on your Upgraded Warehouse  in your City and it will display the items currently being stored. Note: You can ONLY store up to 24 Buildings or Items.

What can I Store?

Here is a general list of  items that we allow you to store:

  • Standard businesses
  • Community Buildings
  • Functional buildings (Factory, Clerk’s office, etc)
  • Christmas tree and Assorted items
  • Decorations
  • Houses
NOTE: When you store items such as homes or community buildings it will decrease your population until they are added back into your City land.  Also, businesses will not receive a profit during this time. If they have been supplied recently you will lose the supplies and progress.  Basically, harvestable buildings will be reset to an un-supplied  state when you add them to your City.  However, you will NOT lose your Staff progress for your Functional or Community Buildings. Please be careful and cautious with the timing that you place these buildings in Storage.
We will also provide a warning when you first add a Business, Community Building or Home to your Upgraded Warehouse so you are fully aware of the consequences.
HINT:  Collect from your businesses FIRST before you place them into Storage.

What can’t I Store?

Here is a list of the buildings or items we will not allow you to store:

  • Franchises and Franchise Headquarters
  • Previous Storage Buildings
  • Crops
  • Construction Buildings – Buildings that are currently not finished OR still have the scaffolding around them.
  • Water Items – Piers, Docks, and Boats
  • Sidewalks
  • City Signs
Well that’ about all folks. For more info check out the Official Guide on the CityVille Forums by clicking HERE!

Now, let’s build something together!

– Clerk Casey



  1. I have a deluxe warehouse and it’s ready for an upgrade (to add more space )
    it evens asks (ADD MORE SPACE , Finish Bulding but nothing happens w when I hit the button. WHY ?

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