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CityVille Tips and Tricks

Hey Citizens!

We wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know some tips and tricks about CityVille! We want you to take advantage and strategize your game play in the best way possible. Let’s walk through some important ways you can improve your tactics in CityVille.

Buildable Materials

Need Extra Zoning Permits?

Upgrade your City Hall (Community Building)! Once you upgrade this awesome building to Level 2 or 3 you will receive a chance to gain Zoning Permits when collecting from this building! Visit the Official Guide to learn more!

Other Buildable Materials?

Level up to 17+ and receive a Hardware Store! Once built and completed you will receive the chance to collect many different buildable materials like Building Permits, Marble, Ribbons and more when collecting from it! Visit the Official Guide on Hardware Store to get started!


Need some extra energy?

  • Visit your friends everyday! Get energy for visiting them and help your friends out when you’re there!  Help by collecting  from their residences and sending tourists to their businesses! Don’t forget to visit your friends Visitor Center while your in town! Visit the Guide to learn more about visiting neighbors!
  • Collect your Daily Bonus Everyday!
  • If you are level 15+: Build your very own Visitor Center and collect from it everyday! It has a large payout for energy so make sure to use it when possible. To learn more on how to build your Visitor Center, read our Official Guide!
  • Collect from your community buildings, as they give you a chance of collecting more energy
  • Ask your friends to send you energy!
  • Send energy to your friends to make it easier for them to send a gift back!
Tip: Make sure to strategize your use of energy! You can only have a specific amount in your inventory and in your Energy Bar so prioritize how you want to use it. Also, when accepting energy from your friends through the Zynga Message Center or Facebook Requests ONLY accept them when they are needed, but make sure they don’t expire!


Need goods?

Make sure to use all different methods to store goods!  There are  Trains, Boats, Crops, and Factories, so make sure you are familiar with all of them by visiting their Official Guides. You can be ordering goods through trains while also planting crops and sending out boats on shipping routes, all at the same time.  Alternate which you use and when you use them to be sure you have enough storage for your new goods! Using them simultaneously is also wise. Overall, have as many active production lines as possible at one time!

  • Factories – they have their own Premium Goods Storage and get twice the payout!
  • Trains – keep your eyes peeled for friends train stop requests! Clicking on those feeds not only helps your friends, but it also helps you gain collection items, goods, and other items
  • Peas and Eggplants – these are some of the most popular crops to plant! They have great payouts and are worth the wait.
  • Rome Relics – another very popular route for your boats to take! It takes a few days but has a great payout.

Tip: Manage your CityVille time with your real world time. Do you have plans next Saturday night and won’t be around all day? Choose good production options that don’t time out for 24 hours! You will get a better payout for your time away. You don’t want to choose something for a few hours and find your crops withered the next day.  But if you are going to be playing all day, be sure to optimize your production methods for goods.


Need some extra coins?

There are many places to gain coins in game including harvesting your businesses, residences, and community buildings. Let’s check out some more that you may not know about!

  • Add decorations around your businesses. By doing this you improve your payout when you harvest! Make sure to review the bonus % on an item. This will tell you how much more they will payout. So you know what that means? Stock up on decorations by purchasing them in the Build Menu or asking your friends to send you Free Gifts.
  •  Accept Mystery Gifts – there are some great rewards when you accept this Free Gift, including a large sum of coins!
  • Visit those Neighbors!
  • Catch Bandits! – When you capture one of the bandits you are either rewarded with exclusive items and or a large sum of coins. Find out how to upgrade your Police Station and capture bandits by visiting the Official Guide.
  • Cruise Ships – Add a City Port and invite Cruises into your City! By unloading tourists into your City you can speed up your businesses and harvest more often to collect coins faster.  Make sure to collect and supply ALL of your business before harvesting your cruise ship and unloading your tourists.  You will want your shops to be ready!
TIP: Overall, you want to keep up on harvesting all of your businesses, homes, community buildings as much as possible! Know when everything will be ready to harvest. Coordinate with your personal schedule as much as possible and set alarms to optimize your City’s payouts on YOUR time schedule!


Running out of room in your City?

  •  Have a layout for your City that meets your City’s needs. If you need more population then make sure that you delegate enough room for homes and community buildings. This also includes placing your sidewalks and Roads with a plan in mind! You will want to connect as many buildings to them as possible.
  • Utilize the Storage Feature! You can now store up to 24 Buildings when you upgrade your Warehouse! For items you do not currently need, place them in storage. For more details visit the Official Guide on Warehouses. Use the storage feature to re-plan your city layout
  • Franchise Headquarters can be kept in your inventory to save space, but be careful, you want those Headquarters as payout bonuses near your houses and businesses.
  • EXPAND! – If you can’t fit anything else in your City expand when it is the right time! Visit the Build Menu and purchase an expansion for only 20,000 coins. TIP: Make sure that you know the population of your city and whether or not it is ready to expand. Be sure to collect Zoning Permits!


Need to boost your population?

Here are some residences that have great payouts based on their cost and population capacity!

  • Atrium Lofts
  • Glass Condos
  • Parkside Villa
  • Midtown Apartments

TIP: Be sure to make room for these high-capacity and payout residences by clearing some of your lower cost and payout housing.

Take advantage of your friends’ empty lots and be sure to place empty lots in YOUR city!  This is a great way to collect coins at a low cost. Expanding these businesses will pay out more coin,s so make sure to place as many as possible.
To learn more on how to place a Franchise visit the Official Guide.

General Tips

Here are few other tips and tricks that you might come across while playing CityVille..

  • Cops and Bandits – Be sure to keep checking your friends Facebook Profiles for CityVille Feeds. When you help friends by clicking on their feeds on their walls, it’s a give one, get one system! For more information on this feature visit the Official Guide.
  • Stay on top of your collections for goods energy, experience and special items! Be sure to trade in collections to earn these rewards.
  • Your Wishlist is a very helpful way to tell your friends what you need. Entering items into your wishlist will also help with what you may receive when accepting a mystery box.  Don’t forget to add collectibles to your wishlist as well!
  •  Complete quests for extra rewards like coins, energy and exclusive items!
  • Strategize your free gift acceptation. You can only have a certain amount of unique Free Gifts such as energy, marbles, Zoning permits and others, so ONLY accept them when you need more. But remember, these will expire if you do not use and accept them in time!
Well folks that’s about all for now! We hope we’ve provided you with some useful information on how you can improve your Cities! Stay tuned for more Citizens!
Now let’s build something together!
– Clerk Casey


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    Finally in order to not be heavy, give us a crossing railroad protection. I have many other ideas but for the moment I think is sufficient.

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