Posted by: CityVille | May 4, 2011

Zoos in CityVille!

Hey Citizens,

We’re excited to give you a behind the scenes look at the CityVille Studio in which we’ve transformed into a wildlife habitat! With Zoos available now in CityVille our team celebrated by dressing up like our favorite animals! As you can see, we’re having a blast with the wildlife rescue Zoo too! Let’s take a walk through our own Zoo in CityVille at Zynga!

First, we’ll stop by the Elephant exhibit. If you are lucky you might catch this amazing elephant performing her must see ballet show. Don’t forget to give her an extra peanut or two for her amazing twirls!

Next, let’s stop by the Zoo Cafeteria and grab a quick coffee to regain our energy. I hear they have some delicious snacks too! Stock up, ’cause you’ll need all the caffeine you can get if you want see all of the animals in this Zoo! Hint: Make sure you always have enough energy to collect from your Zoo daily!

Are you ready to keep going? It’s time to continue down the path to the Lion Kingdom.

Wow! We must have frightened him! It looks like he is about to pounce.

Oh look there Citizens! There are two of them! What a lucky Zoo to have extra lions roaming around this habitat! Hint: Make sure to collect from your Zoo everyday and don’t forget that you can place multiple animals in your Zoo. The more animals you place the higher your payout.

All this walking around is making me hungry! Let’s take a quick break at the Zoo Gift Shop. Today they are featuring cupcakes as a special treat to bring home. Why not shop for a few souvenirs while we’re here too?

Well folks we’ve run out of time!  The Zoo is closing for the evening. There are many more attractions for us to see but we’ll have to check them out next time.  You’ll have to start building your Zoo today to see what else awaits you next.

Will it be a Giraffe? Gorilla?  Moose? Monkeys? Stay tuned to find out!

Don’t forget to come back and visit us at the CityVille Blog and enjoy your new Zoo! For more information on our newest Zoo feature please visit our Official Guide today and PLAY Now!!


Your friends at CityVille!


  1. I can only place three animals at a time. Am I doing something wrong??

  2. i like in city ville

  3. these pics really cracked me up. so funny. I hope you guys are gettin’ paid enough to dress up like on

  4. I really enjoyed picture. I want to remark that I enjoy this game and some of the goals.However, I can not expand my city fast enough without these extreme population requirements. I keep rearranging my town to build new homes & city buildings. I totally love zoo Idea and plan. I am just afraid that I can not build it as I would like.

  5. Thanks for the tips & keep em coming please!!!

  6. how do I get a second zoo, I have animals I can’t place please help thank you mary

  7. lol funny, thanks for the tips,

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