Posted by: CityVille | May 12, 2011

CityVille Fan Meet Up Event!

Hey Citizens!

On April 9th, 2011, we invited CityVille players to join us in San Jose, CA. Who else was there? Members of the CityVille Team, including yours truly (Clerk Casey) and other familiar faces like Gary Gardener and Mayor Max.

For those that weren’t able to make it, we’ll fill you in on what happened and we even have a little video for you to enjoy.

We served lunch and refreshments at Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant. The entire restaurant was covered in CityVille decor including posters, balloons, and TV monitor displaying some of our favorite cities. Through out the building we gathered feedback, suggestions, add me’s and more from players on open whiteboards for them to write on.

As an added bonus we also had CityVille photo booth and props where players could take pictures with their family and friends.

We also invited a Balloon guru to make spectacular balloons for the kiddies to enjoy! I even took home an adorable San Francisco Giants Bumblebee which is still sitting on my nightstand.

The refreshments were delicious! The delectable appetizers kept our bellies full while we chatted about our favorite game. A HUGE shout out goes to the wait staff who had wonderful service and were very helpful!

After lunch was served, we held a live Bingo game. Players scrambled to find other players that were Level 60+, won a skyscraper in the daily bonus, had a Big Ben in their City and more in a race to finish first! Hot prizes were given out to some lucky winners!

Once we were done playing, our Q & A Session started. We gave players the chance to have their biggest questions answered by the creators of CityVille!  Everyone learned new things from our discussion, and we learned a lot from our players too! As a special presentation, we gave everyone in attendance a sneak peek on a long-awaited item!

Last but not least we handed out some stellar swag! We gave out a lunch box, mug, shirt, game card and more!

Overall, we met some great folks that gave us a ton of important insight into CityVille, and we were all happy to be there. We appreciate everyone that took the time to travel to San Jose.  Many players got a chance to meet our team  as well as other passionate players like themselves. Here are a few things some players had to say!

“I would have traveled 6 hours to come to this!  It was so much fun!”

“Thank you so much for this event.  It was a great idea!  You should do more!”

We can’t wait to hold more CityVille Fan Meet Up Events in the future! Stay tuned for more to come!

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Clerk Casey


  1. I think it’s great you guys have these meet and greets. If I could’ve been there I would’ve!! Just to meet the devs behind the scenes. You’re awesome Zynga!!!!

  2. wow Iam sorry I couldn’t be there, Iam disabled and just don’t have the funds to travel out of state, glad that all had fun and I to am an active cityville player, I just love it. thank you for giving heads up on what your events are like. God bless..

  3. Great!!! Congrats! it´s an example of a good project!!! cute!

  4. Yes we all need to help when and where we can because we never know when it could be us.

  5. Por favor realizen una version en español d este blog tienen mucho hispanoparlantes como sus seguidores y fans d este novedoso juego….Con algunas amigas hemos llegado a la conclusion q se conviert en algo como un vicio, pero bueno jajajaja…por favor en español

  6. Something tells me you could do this in 100 Towns.
    Hope you had a good show-up. Cool.

  7. I have spent quite a good amount on this game,but dont bother with all the friends stuff on facebook, so i am finding it hard to expand,and build franchises

  8. I am addicted to it…..really wanna to make myself stop playing this game…..even I use to wake up from sleep to harvest my cabbage and corn and even use to put alarm from my sleep…to collect coins or goods…..insane.. I love this game…

    • I am also addicted to it…..really wanna to make myself stop playing this game…..even I use to spend sleepless nights to harvest and to collect coins or goods. I call my wife to play CityVille on behalf of me, as we don’t have access to those sites at my office….insane… We both loved this game…

  9. i love you cityville

  10. guys this game is just awesome.iam just in deep love with this game.i cant leave this game for even a single day.zynga thank you soooooooooo much.

  11. Since I was unable to attend your gala, I thought I would give my input on ideas. I would like to see an outdoor ice skating rink or a ski resort. Also, the choice of bigger plots of land and not so hard to acquire. Overall I love this game!

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