Posted by: CityVille | May 20, 2011

There’s No Business Like Show Business!

There's no business...

Some people tell you there’s no business like show business, but trust me there are plenty of businesses that you’d probably like better. Don’t get me wrong, all the glitz and glamour is just as good as it looks, but spend a few days in my shoes and decide for yourself if it’s worth it!

My first job in ‘the biz’ had me rubbing shoulders with some big names, perhaps you’ve heard of Kofi Filtar or the internationally known Miss Coffee? Sure, it may not have been the most glamorous job, but you only make the mistake of walking onto a hurricane movie set with an armful of scalding beverages once! The good news is I’m okay, but the bad news is I can never become a hand model!

So far, I’ve done just about everything aside from acting: I’ve mastered the art of wrapping electrical cables, color coding coffee cups, and holding up squares of cloth to keep the glare out of lenses. Have I been on camera? Of course! I was hired to sit on top of one to hold up cue cards for the “So Late, it’s Early Show.”  Imagine my surprise when I received a call from Ms. Bella Bennett’s agent with an offer to become her full-time assistant, shoelace tie-er, and pigeon wrangler. I jumped at the opportunity!

You know what they say about movie stars; they’re on another planet, obsessed with fashion, and way too picky. With this in mind, I went to my first day of work. Bella was definitely fashionable and out-of-this-world gorgeous, but at a fancy restaurant they served snails and she walked out! At first I figured that they weren’t made the way she liked, until she confessed to me that she “could really go for a good cheeseburger right now.”

It turns out that Bella wasn’t everything that people might think. I never got to have my own pair of sunglasses like her pigeon bodyguard, but I follow Bella wherever she needs me to go. Next week I get my first speaking part in her new film! I’m a waiter, and my line is “would you like onions on your burger?” It’s not the coolest thing I could say, but I’m one step closer to my dream!


  1. cityville is the best game in the world!!!….;D

  2. Cute Story 🙂

  3. hello to all cityville players!!

  4. plz notify me

  5. Best fegards to all cityville players


  7. Does anybody know why the guy is hanging from a helicopter over the bank half way up the river looking towards “Beach Town” with biboculars?

    • clik on him .

  8. I was addicted to farmville before and now to CITYVILLE ,tha best game ever 😉 LOVE it >:)

  9. Anyone know how to get street clocks?

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