Posted by: CityVille | May 27, 2011

Edgar’s Ultimate Money Making Guide!

Hey Citizens,

Do you love everything about money like I do? It’s time to make you some more of it! It’s hard work, but who said that making coins was easy? Money doesn’t grow on trees, so you’ve got to start working hard for it! Some of the best businessmen like me started from the ground and had to work their way up. Just like you must do in your cities!

If you follow these tips  your businesses will thrive and you are sure to get ahead:

  • Franchise Franchise Franchises! Build them in your Neighbors’ Cities and invite your friends to place some in your City too! No one ever said it was a crime to capitalize on your friendships! Click HERE to learn more about Franchises!
  • Upgrade the Bakery and the Noodle Shop. Make some extra dough, save some space and change the look of these businesses! Sounds like a great opportunity to me. To learn more about Business Mastery visit the Official Guide HERE.
  • Supply your Businesses with goods daily! Always keep some extra supplies on hand for a rainy day too; both premium and regular goods. Don’t be afraid to stock up!
  • Choose your Businesses wisely. Build businesses that work for your personal schedule as well as the population in your town.
  • Decorate the front of your businesses! Did you know that you can increase your payout by adding decorations around each of your businesses? Decorations are a great investment and they are very worth it! Keep your eyes out for those BIG bonuses.
  • Complete your quests! Many of them unlock and reward businesses that are not available any other way.  Don’t forget to catch those bandits too. When you catch many of them they reward you with exclusive businesses. Click HERE to learn more about Cops and Bandits Feature.
  • Expanding is a wise decision. The more land you have the more businesses you can place.
  • The best business in my opinion is the Tower Eats. That big guy has a strong payout. Plus, who wouldn’t want to dine at the top of that puppy?
Well Citizens, now that you’ve tapped my brain for all of my magic money making skills I must go lay down for a nap! Oh wait, I can’t! I’m taking the helicopter out for a spin today. I swear, I’m not crazy but sometimes I like to hang from it to scope out my next potential investment. You may even find me show up in your City so be on the lookout! If you click on me, I may even share another secret with you.
Good luck! If you follow my suggestions you are sure to be as wealthy as me some day.
– Edgar


  1. How do you keep premium goods? Is there a way to use regular even when you still have premium available?

    • Awesome question, I’ve wondered the same thing myself…

    • I was wondering the same thing…

  2. i know all of that… question…tips to level up faster??if there are nothing to collect…

  3. There is no way to not use them if you have them in your inventory. My suggestion is to not place them in inventory until you are ready to use them for specific businesses. Hope that helps!!! 😉

    • That’s what I’ve been doing. I just wish I didn’t have to.

  4. It says that one of the best businesses to have on Cityville is the Tower Eats. Can you tell me where this is and how to get it?

    • It’s in the business menu. The cost is 1,000,000 coins. I got mine by letting a neighbour franchise his.

  5. So when and how do we build across the river? Population is WAY over 5,000…so where is the bridge? I’m getting kind of tired watching you hang from that helicopter.

    • I’d also like to know when building on the other side of the river will be possible. Since yesterday i see 3 little man standing on the other side. What’s about these 5000 people??????

  6. i was wondering how to make money fast to build my tower eats ?

    • Do you have lots of community buildings? Make sure you collect from them every day.
      Add decorations around your higher earning businesses. I get over !,000 coins every time from my jewelry store and around 900 from my Italian restaurant.
      Don’t forget to visit your friends. Although you won’t earn all that much from visiting, you will earn energy, experience and reputation points.
      If I don’t make a major purchase, I end up 100,000 more coins every single day.

      • what lvl are you

      • Right now, I’m at level 74.

  7. How do we get the clocks for the russian goals

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