Posted by: CityVille | June 9, 2011

Bridging The Gap

Bridge in progress!

They finally started construction on the bridge today, and I can’t wait until it’s ready! The weather is finally starting to show hints of summer, and taking a dip at the beach sounds like a great idea to me. I’ve already had my signature flannel pattern made into a tank top for maximum sun exposure, but I refuse to shave my beard!

I’ve always been an outdoor person, and despite the fact that you might see me wielding an axe at times, I do my best to be environmentally conscious. So I understand that building a bridge takes a bunch of preparation: Enviropigeon Impact Reports, Total Dissolved Sentiment evaluations on the river (water has feelings too!), and rivet endurance training, to name a few. Combine that with the fact that the snow didn’t melt until April, and Edgar’s constant upgrade schemes, I’d say that bridge construction started at the perfect time. Now my only problem is being patient until it’s finished!

Come join me and your fellow citizens as we take the coast by storm! Just be sure to reserve your picnic spot before any tourists show up!


  1. yihaaa

  2. Hello – i have completed level 1 of the mall but cant find the reward in my inventory. Help?

  3. i cannt place bridge….when i try there is a red line…buy expension first…
    but i cannt buy expension of other side of river…so how i place the bridge..

  4. Nicee game ! 🙂


  6. love the bridge but couldn’t we make it moveable so we can place it where we like along the river ????

  7. cant find the arboretum that is needed to complete the goal

  8. Bravo ZINGA!!! ) half-yes I this bridge waited, ) hope and CASINO on second coast will appear – a zone of the rest and amusements ))) GOOD LAD!!!

  9. its getting exciting everytime you think of a new way to get us all hooked with this interesting game

  10. i already had my bridge done. awesome! hope there would be an AIRPORT soon!

  11. When will the beach be opened up for us?

  12. Finals CityVille ???????

  13. I don’t see the bridge listed anymore and I would like one. Where do I go?

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