Posted by: CityVille | June 14, 2011

Mall Security in CityVille: Serious Business!

Mall Security

Out of any profession in the world, being a mall security guard ranks right up there as one of the craziest experiences that anyone could have.

The average day is exactly that: Average. Watching the early morning madness that always follows the daily shipment of store goods; prowling the halls for dangerous unauthorized personnel, only to find a few unsuspecting young couples making out; and checking on the security of toilet paper in the bathroom.

Of course there are always interesting days, like the time we caught a kid shoplifting $5 spiky bracelets from “Warm Subject”, only to find out that he drove to the mall in a sports car. Sometimes people go to great lengths to avoid dropping a few bucks on something, even when they have the money in their pockets! Call me old fashioned, but I would be embarrassed to get caught stealing $2 worth of gummy worms from the Sweet Shoppe when I have $20 in my pocket, but I guess kids these days have to worry about their candy stealing ‘rep’ on the mean streets of CityVille.

That’s nothing compared to what happened in the mall last week. Don’t ask me how those skateboarders get into the mall in the first place, Distracted Dan the Doorman is supposed to be on the lookout for trouble as soon as it hits the main entrance. Anyways they got in, and as I’m walking towards the where the skaters were last seen, I hear one of them shout “Jump the fountain!”

So there I was, waiting to see what would happen next. I can hear the skater getting closer, the rhythmic click-clack sound of wheels on a tile floor getting louder as it approaches. Everyone knows what is about to happen; they turn towards the noise, hoping to catch a glimpse of the chaos that is about to ensue. All of a sudden I hear a whoosh of air and see a grayish blur in front of me, what just happened?!

I blink once, twice, and then allow my eyes to focus on the spectacle in front of me. It was Ruth! She must have been as fed up about those troublemakers as I was, because she took matters into her own hands, or feathers in this case. Next to her on the ground stood a flock of pigeons, still recovering from what just happened. I look over to see the skater kid on the ground -he never even made it to the fountain- and he’s covered in the one thing that pigeons are known for, you can probably guess!

Just another day in the life, we don’t put up with those types of shenanigans in CityVille!


  1. Wow.

  2. so right!!!

  3. errrr…okay!

  4. Cute little story!

  5. Wierd

  6. Ruth is great!

  7. it what

  8. Cool

  9. Sounds about typical for Mall security. I myself in realtime life have been a professional Security Officer for thirty one years. With all that time behind me, working in all types of industry & working with police departments & using batons & other tools of the trade, there is not much I don’t know about Security. I have held most every position except owner or manager. I have been a Supervisor, Asst. Manager, Training officer, Mobile Patrol. & on & on. The most interesting security job is working in hospitals, bar none. I have taken the physical training alongside of police & had actual police physical training through the Law institute University of B.C. the only reason I am not a policeman is I am past the age of acceptance. If not for that, I would be a Police officer, or a ballistics Officer. The most interesting security job is working in hospitals, bar none. Hospitals are very busy, very active, & every minute of every day something different is happening. It is never boring. If you want to learn a lot about medicine, become a Hospital Security Officer.

  10. I myself have found this profession very interesting at times. It is very similar to that of a police officer & is a stepping stone to becoming a Police Officer if that is what a person is seeking or interested in. But remember, you are not a Policeman, so don’t try to be one. Call them for help, don’t try to do it alone or you could end up in trouble yourself or arrested for breaking the Law. the basic job of security is to observe & report, so do just that! Do your job but above all, be safe.

  11. what the is this? nothing about how or to do with playin the game!

  12. WTF is this?!?!?

  13. i love cityville

  14. I can’t get my mall up to level –3– i’ve collected like they asked, the stores are in , so what am i doing wrong.

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