Posted by: CityVille | July 12, 2011

Paul’s Best Kept Secrets in CityVille

Paul's Best Kept Secrets

I’ve been around the block a few times. I remember when me, Rita ‘n Sam were the only folks in this City. Folks see me all the time and they never pay me any mind, but I see things and hear things too! Some people may think I’m crazy, or say I spend too much time lost in the woods, but I know a good idea when I hear one. Maybe you ought to just hear me out, and decide for yourself.

Send and request free gifts before you need them! You’ll always need zoning permits eventually, gather them early! If you see new goals that need new parts and you don’t need anything at the moment, it never hurts to send a few and get some back before you even start!

Did you know that you can rotate buildings? If you’re searching for that perfect look for your new neighborhood, never underestimate the power of rotation!

Make sure to supply your businesses before unloading a Cruise Ship! Be even MORE sure that you have enough energy left to unload one!

If you keep coming back to withered crops, pick the ones that will be ready the next time you play! You can play CityVille whenever you want, make sure that your time is spent reaping rewards instead of clearing the fields.

You can’t gain extra population from collecting rent unless your citizens are happy. When they are, you have a chance to gain additional population from every single house that you collect rent from.

You will need to increase your population to unlock some items in the Build menu. An Observatory increases your population cap by 1,900! But you need 6,000 to unlock them.

Each time you level, your energy bar gets a refill. Make sure to empty your bar before you level for maximum effect.

Piers add to your goods storage capacity too. The Export Port adds twice as much as a Pier! Why waste space on goods storage when you can store goods in the same building used to receive them!

Use trains! They don’t wither!

Watch those news feeds! You can get materials, XP, goods and coins when you click on CityVille feeds posted by your friends!  Only a limited amount of rewards are available, so don’t miss out!

Click everything that drops! When you max out your bonus bar you’ll get a LOT of coins! Collect at a steady pace so you can keep up with the items that drop from every action.

That’s all for now. What? You thought I’d tell you all of my secrets at once? Come on! One thing I’ve learned is that good things come to those who wait, and good things are always worth waiting for! Remember, most of the stuff that I know comes from either experience or advice from others. If you’re having a hard time, try something different. And if you have a neighbor with an amazing city, try asking them how they did it! Keep on truckin’!

The Official Forums have lots of great guides! Browse our guides for advice on goals, features and more!

Make sure to check out (or check IN) for our upcoming guide to Hotels!


  1. But how do you keep your citizens happy? Mine have smiles on their faces, but it says they’re unhappy under the current population.

    • You have to increase your max population by having more completed community buildings

  2. i have too many zoning permits and i don’t know what to do with them

    • next to the play button on the top menu bar is MY NEIGHBORS button thats where you can give them away to your neighbors that have them on their wishlist. I cant imagine having too many i wait till i get 40 then expand.. i would like to be your neighbor

  3. I already know most… 😛

  4. I thought its, well its NOT hehe ..

  5. I like very much if we could buy more easily the buildings…..too much expensive $$$$$ …this a game…..we must have chance to get $$$$$ working and not buying only dollars! We work hard get $$$$$$ and can buy the buildings in dollar. I´m so sad and thinking to went away from cittyville.

  6. already knew most of these too. still, it’s great that ya take the time to share 🙂 hey, does anyone know if there’s a special section for game requests only? Let’s say someone has a really great idea for the game. Where can they post it at?

  7. wow, like I didn’t know any of that anyway

  8. purple green red black,8, applepie, hong kong haul, english french portugues espanol deutsch italiona bahasa indonesia turkce…

  9. One good tip is when visiting your neighbors/friends, send buses to their tools/hardware store, so they can get good chances of getting materials (and pray that they do so when visiting your city!). The only flaw about this is that you mostly get stuff you don’t really need such as ribbons or gold (unless you’re in low levels). BTW, why the hardware store keeps dropping ribbons if you already have the Emergency Clinic dropping ribbons? That’s really nonsense!

  10. i dont know much

  11. i have adisplay problem when selecting firends when i want to post a request for material
    it is almost hidden into the right side and i cannot complete my community buildings

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