Posted by: CityVille | July 25, 2011

Hotels: Why I Choose VIP!


Ah hotels! No matter the place, time, or star rating, you never truly know what you’re in for until you check in!

Nothing against Edgar, but when I first visited his hotel he was using half-rolls of toilet paper to maximize profits! The location itself was lovely, but the only picture Edgar put on the Hotel’s website was of himself! I can’t say that it was all bad: Even though he replaced the expensive “do not disturb” signs with socks, I guess they might work better, because I wouldn’t touch those smelly things! One thing’s for sure, you can spend your vacation in the best hotel around, but the one thing that you’ll never be able to do is control the guests that happen to be staying there!

Before I learned my lesson and started asking for the VIP suite at every place, I had the misfortune of interacting with some… interesting individuals. I’ll never forget the time that security knocked on my door for a noise complaint, at 8:30pm! Crazy old Ruth said that she needed extra sleep, “because the early pigeon gets the breadcrumb!”

From then on, I started upgrading to a higher floor. Can you believe that someone actually asked me to bathe… in mud? They told me that it was for my own good, and an added benefit of upgrading! I couldn’t stand it anymore! I marched right down to the manager’s office and demanded an explanation. To calm me down, he gave me a complimentary VIP room, and it even included a spa with REAL water!

It’s true really. You never know what you’re in for at a Hotel until you check in, but you’ll never know if you don’t try! VIP all the way!


  1. y can i send gifts ?

  2. it takes forever to finish my hotel.. add me up anyone!

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