Posted by: CityVille | July 29, 2011

A Seriously Odd Day!

Gee, there sure have been some strange things going on around the city! I guess that’s why they call it an Odd Day.

First I went to the Ice Cream Shop for the daily special, but I took one lick and got a mouthful of ocean water! For some reason, Rusty was moonlighting as the ice cream scooper, I should have known from the fishy smell as I walked through the front door! That was the first time I realized why you should never let a sea captain dream up new ice cream flavors, the old salt has seawater on the brain!

If I was smarter, I would have just gone home and stayed inside all day, but our trip to the beach was already planned. It was a great day! The sun was out with a nice cool breeze; just enough to keep you comfortable but not enough to blow away your beach umbrella. All of a sudden, I heard the roar of ship engines, and wouldn’t you guess, Rusty was at the helm!

“Avast! Ye scurvy dog, ye beast of the sea. I have come for thee!” He shouted, before jumping overboard with a net in hand. A whirlwind of splashes mixed with shouts from the captain were clearly heard by everyone on shore. No one could see what was happening, because what looked like a mini-hurricane had formed over the area where Rusty dove into the ocean. Soon after, the sea captain gave a victorious shout.

“Now you’re mine, there is no escape!” He yelled victoriously. Once the storm died down Rusty appeared, net in hand and ‘beast’ in tow. At first I thought he had truly found a new form of marine life, until he got closer.

It was an orange and yellow, inflatable pool animal! Who would have thought! I didn’t have the heart to tell Rusty that this was not the infamous Nessie that he had read about in countless sea novels, so I told him that it was her mild-mannered cousin, Bessie instead!

Just another crazy day in CityVille!

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