Posted by: CityVille | August 3, 2011

Wise Words from the Carnival Barker!

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Step right up to the best Street Carnival you’ve ever seen! We have something for everyone folks: Water guns, rocket rides, fresh made pretzels and monster slides!

If you’re up for a mind bending adventure, head on over to the fun house! If you make it through the massive mirror maze, see if you can keep your balance in the rolling tunnel! When you get to the top, take a trip down our massive slide, and dive into the ball pit below!

That’s right folks! We’ve got world-class attractions to thrill and frighten you all at once! Those are fake sharks in the Dunk Tank, or are they? Try to sink poor old cruise ship director Dan with your best shot, and you could find out! Kids, we haven’t forgotten about you either; cool off and have blast at our water park while your parents play ring-toss. If you think you’ve got what it takes, try out the world biggest Claw. Don’t stand in the way of the prize chute, because nobody wants to get crushed by a giant prize teddy bear!

Don’t climb over that fence, it’s a restricted area! There are all kinds of things in the maintenance shop that are dangerous to the public. We already have a shortage of wrenches in this place, heck, it’s almost impossible to keep every attraction up and running at the same time!

If you really think you’ve got what it takes, head on over to the sledgehammer game and put your skills to the test! Be forewarned, we’ve heard that there is a seriously skilled person who is accepting all bets and beating all competitors. Her name… is Ruth!

City Sam’s Street Carnival! Coming to a city near you!

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