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CityVille Bits & Pieces Guide

Hello Citizens!

We’ve seen a lot of great new stuff in CityVille! Sometimes the biggest changes aren’t the most noticeable, but that doesn’t make them any less important! Understandably, it can be difficult to take everything in at once, so we’re going to do a quick recap of what I call the “bits and pieces” of CityVille.

Some of you die-hard veterans might think that I’m just stating the obvious here, but this blog is for people who might have been wondering about all of these cool new icons in their cities.


Not much introduction needed here, the images below show the different between collection icons for buildings that can be upgraded, and those that cannot. See these icons around your city!

A: Regular Supply icon shown on buildings that are awaiting supplies

B: Supply icon shown on upgradeable buildings that are awaiting supplies

C: Regular Collect icon shown on buildings that are ready to collect.

D: You guessed it! Icon shown on upgradeable businesses that are ready to collect.

Around the City

You’ll see these in your city, or while visiting a neighbor. You will see every one of these during your rise through CityVille, except for the Donut: Once you have employed a superhero in your city, he’ll work for free and never need Donuts.

A: Is the familiar icon over a Train Station that is ready to run.

B: The Helping Hearts icon that you see in neighboring cities. You or your neighbor can place these to show what you want help with. Clicking a “hearted” building/resource will get you an increased reward.

C: You can send a Tour Bus to any business in a neighboring city that you visit! When a friend sends a tour bus, you have a higher-than-normal chance to get a collectible!

D: See Donuts over a Police Station that currently has sleeping Cops. If it’s ready to collect, you’ll see this come up after you have collected.

Special Picks

Here are a few more recent icons that you’ll see around the city. Hotels and Attractions can be numerous, so these icons are the fastest way to track your building status. Ticket booths can come and go, but they usually have unique icons. The last icon in this list is probably the most confusing when you start out, but it will soon become your best friend!

A: See the VIP tag over your own Hotels when they are open and not yet ready to collect

B: You’ll see Open Doors when visiting neighbors, over any Hotels that are open and ready to accept check-ins (like you!)

C: The Green Button will show over any attraction that is ready to open. Remember, attractions are timed businesses that open for a limited time! Be prepared to send guests before you open one!

D: The Wrench will appear over an Attraction that is closed for maintenance. You can request wrenches from friends to increase the speed and payout, or it will automatically fix itself after a certain amount of time.

A: You’ll see this Ticket over a Carnival Ticket Booth that is ready to collect. Turn in tickets for prizes at the  Street Carnival!The Carnival will leave your city eventually, so collect while you can!

B: As above, you’ll see the Sand Castle over a Seashell Stand that is ready to collect. Turn in shells for prizes at the Surf ‘N Shop!

C: The Exclamation Point will appear over your own Zoo Habitats, meaning that you can currently send a donation request!

D: The glorious trifecta of functions culminated into one! You can see this Multi-Icon over Malls, and it will allow you to do 3 things. Click the Arrow, and you will see the upgrade screen, click the Money Bag to collect as you would from any business, and click the Door to open your Mall menu and add or remove the businesses inside!


There you have it! There’s no doubt that more will need to be added to this list eventually, but this should serve as a quick reference for anyone wondering about the bits and pieces of CityVille! We hope that this can help all of our players, new and old.

Do you have more icon or symbol related questions about CityVille? Let us know by posting a comment!


  1. in a quest i’m asked for a “metal detector” !! where i can find it??? i searched all over and don’t know how to get!!!! please help

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