Posted by: CityVille | September 9, 2011

So It Begins…

Phil gets booted

Friends, mayors, citizens, lend me your ears! You have worked to mold cities to your vision, built them to your needs, and overcome every obstacle in your way to make them the best! Can you handle what happens next?

Governor Phil is out! The victim of a cruel yet somehow hilarious “Clowngate” scandal. There’s no mystery about who was behind it: Krunsch! Listen folks, not everyone may like clowns –heck you can be downright scared of them if you want- but everyone can agree that there’s no harm in a bit of clowning around. It was only a matter of time and place, but the dastardly Krunsch caught poor Phil with pie on his face!

Caught red-handed

You’ve seen it on the news! It’s up to you to save your city from a hostile takeover: Run for Governor, and when you win, send Krunsch packing!

What will you do? Will you be able to navigate through the maze of politics and interest groups to demonstrate that you’re the right fit for Governor? Rise to the challenge citizens! Protect the towns that you have painstakingly molded into thriving cities, repel Krunsch and vanquish the evil that threatens to corrupt your citizens!

Start now, and get ready for what comes next. You can do it!

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