Posted by: CityVille | October 26, 2011

A Frightening Halloween!

Halloween in CityVille!

Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays! I mean, what is there not to love?  There’s no better season than Halloween if you like creepy costumes, customs, and lots of candy! The funny thing is nothing about Halloween scares me; aside from the eternal search for a perfect outfit!

This year it looks like I’m going to have to eat my words, because in CityVille these ghosts and ghoulies might actually live next door. Yikes! It’s one thing to pretend to be a vampire, but the idea of a “Count” living on my block makes my blood run cold (and in the other direction!).

Just the other day, I was in my local juice shop grabbing a drink, when the cashier asked me an extremely strange question.

“Do you want real tomato juice, or do you want ‘tomato juice’?” she asked, pointing a bucket of what looked like blood while making large deliberate “quotation” motions with her hands. GROSS! When I ask for a tomato juice smoothie, it is NOT code for “Hey I am a vampire, help me out!”

Don’t even get me started about my favorite pizza joint; garlic is now banned as a topping because they say that the “evening crowd” has an “acute food allergy” to it! To top it off, brains are now the number 1 most ordered topping; and I had the misfortune of having my pepperoni pizza order mixed up with my zombie neighbors down the street, absolutely ridiculous!


  1. I dont know what it is or if anyone else is having same problem with page loading?
    It takes about 3 min for mine to load and then moves very slowly

  2. I feel that I could help you at times since I have a marketing degree and am fairly close.I have a child who is mentally challenged and who is also autistic.She does not speak, as of now.

  3. Yes evil is coming.

  4. Will there be a neighborhood for the houses soon. the place is far to big now.

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