Posted by: CityVille | December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday CityVille!

Happy Birthday CityVille!

Friday, December 2 was big day for us at CityVille.  It was our first Birthday!  We wanted to take a moment to look back on some of your favorite features of the last year

Remember when your City looked like this?

We built Bridges that brought your City to the other side of the river and allowed your City to have a Beach.  And then we saw you all have some awesome Beaches! What do most beaches have? Hotels! Now you can check into your friends Hotels and Upgrade your room for extra rewards.  After crossing the river, the Dam allowed you to increase your Energy Cap to bring more Energy to your City.

We released a ton of Businesses and Community Buildings that you loved and even made some of them upgradeable. Our Citizens received greater payouts and were allowed even more population in their Cities. We also gave you control on how some of your favorite Residences looked in your City when we brought Remodeling to CityVille!

When you used to visit your neighbors, it was up to you to decide what they wanted your help on.  Now, with our Get Help Feature, you can tell your neighbors exactly where you could use a hand and continue to give you more Help requests with more reputation points.

Let’s talk space.  We introduced Malls, Neighborhoods, and our current City Center to allow you to Build your Cities Upwards rather than always Outwards by storing your Businesses, Neighborhoods, and Community Buildings. If Outwards was what you wanted, that’s great!  We introduced multiple new expansions that allowed you to Build bigger Cities!

We’ve also celebrated a few Holidays in CityVille!  You loved our Valentine’s Day feature that allowed you to create Valentines and receive special prizes from Admirers.  In the Summer, we saw 4th of July and the Fireworks shop! Later in the year, we saw a lot of very spooky cities created while progressing through Halloween in CityVille! Holidays aren’t over yet for this year Citizens! There are many new Winter and Holiday items that will give you great rewards.

Holiday’s aren’t the only things we’ve been celebrating.  We’ve continued to show love to international Cities and cultures as well with the addition of new supported languages, themes, and quests.  We’ve also seen many international flags proudly waving in your Cities.

Finally – we can’t forget all of the Behind the Scenes changes we’ve rolled out to make your Cities run better! New levels were introduced and citizens are now seeing their cities with faster load times and smoother animations!

Wow! What a list! What are some of your favorite features of the last year?

Citizens, Thank you for a great first year!  We’ve also got a lot planned for you in 2012 and we hope you’re excited for what’s coming next!  Where do you think we’ll go in the next year?  Leave us a comment below and Share this post with your Friends!


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