Posted by: CityVille | February 3, 2012

Welcome the World to your City with Airports!

Welcome the World to your City with Airports!

The cargo terminal is the first terminal of the CityVille’s airports.  After you collect all of the buildable materials and build your terminal, you get to pick your Cargo Plane! Each plane holds a different amount of goods so choose the one that works best for your City.  Then send that Cargo planes off to Paris, Barcelona, Shanghai, Tokyo, and London for a different amount of goods per location.

Every time you send a plane to a destination to receive goods, you receive a Mastery point for that route and the best part is each Mastery Level earns you more goods and better payouts! Once you’ve mastered each route to Level 3, you will get a souvenir that is special landmark to that City.  How great will a London Ferris Wheel look in your City?  What about the Minato Tower from Tokyo?  The more Cargo routes you master, the more souvenirs you will receive for your City!

You’ve probably noticed that your airport is still under construction.  The Passenger and Private Jet terminals are coming soon, but we’ve also got an additional terminal in store for you, that is still top secret, so check back soon to see what surprises we have in store for your City!

Check out the Official Guide


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