Posted by: CityVille | May 3, 2012

Player Appreciation Week is here!

Share the Love with all your friends for Cityville Player Love Week 


An Event where we show our players appreciation for their Loyalty and Passion for Cityville!


Cityville showing all our Players the Love!


In your Main City, where all the magic happens!

Summary FAQ

Q: Need Energy?
A: Lend your neighbors a helping hand and get twice the Energy for every Neighbor Visit!

Q: Need More XP?
A: Every Action You perform in your City Awards twice the XP!

Q: What about parts and materials that I need to build up my City?
A: We’re giving you up to 50% OFF Buildable parts for your Airport, Bridge, Islands and much more!

Q:I have a lot of Quests to Finish! Where’s the Love there?
A: We also have discounts of Up to 80% off Select Goals

Q: I have so many Quests, I just don’t want to see them anymore! What about those?
A: You can hide many more quests now! Any quest icon with an x in the upper right corner can be moved to your hidden quest tab!

For more info about the Quest Manager, Click HERE!

Step by Step Guide to Lottery Tickets!

  1. You can earn tickets by Completing quests and buildings, Logging in to play everyday, or purchasing them with City Cash! Buying Cash buildings will also earn you Lottery Tickets! Every ticket is a winner!

  2. The more tickets Players earn the bigger the City Cash Jackpot grows

  3. You can find out how many tickets you have by clicking on the Jackpot Bar!
    NOTE You can also buy tickets with City Cash to increase your chances of Winning!

    NOTE You will earn your ticket winnings (Example: XP, Goods, etc) at the end of the sweepstakes.

    For the Official Sweepstakes RULES Click HERE!

Join the Player Love Fun and Build the City of your dreams TODAY!


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