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Guide to Helping Citizens!

Your citizens need your help! Look for them walking around your city.


  • Complete short tasks for rewards
  • See the some of your favorite citizens walking around your city!

Summary FAQ

  • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
    A: This feature is available to players level 10+.
  • Q: Where can I find these citizens?
    A: You can find them walking along the road (and sidewalks) in your city.
  • Q: How many citizens can I see in my city?
    A: You can see up to 3 citizens who need help.
  • Q: Can I help more than one citizen at a time?
    A: Yes you can.
  • Q: What will happen if I reject a request to help?
    A: The citizen will leave, but you will see them again and will be able to accept the task the next time you load your city.
  • Q: Can I cancel a task after accepting it?
    A: Yes you can; much like with rejecting before you accept it, you will have to opportunity to continue the task the next time you load your city.

Step By Step Guide

  1. These special citizens can be identified by their distinct appearance and the icon above them.

  1. Click on one of the citizens with a question mark to learn what they need.

  1. You can chose to accept or reject the task. If you reject it the citizen will leave, but you will have the opportunity to help them the next time you load your city.

4. When you click to accept the task your citizen the icon above them will change to an exclamation mark; click on them again to learn what they need. You can click on the citizen at   any time to check on the progress.

  1. Once you have completed a task for any of the citizens you will see the icon above them change to a check mark; click on them for the task completion dialog.

  1. Click on the “Okay” button to receive your reward.

Help your citizens today!

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Happy Birthday CityVille!

Happy Birthday CityVille!

Friday, December 2 was big day for us at CityVille.  It was our first Birthday!  We wanted to take a moment to look back on some of your favorite features of the last year

Remember when your City looked like this?

We built Bridges that brought your City to the other side of the river and allowed your City to have a Beach.  And then we saw you all have some awesome Beaches! What do most beaches have? Hotels! Now you can check into your friends Hotels and Upgrade your room for extra rewards.  After crossing the river, the Dam allowed you to increase your Energy Cap to bring more Energy to your City.

We released a ton of Businesses and Community Buildings that you loved and even made some of them upgradeable. Our Citizens received greater payouts and were allowed even more population in their Cities. We also gave you control on how some of your favorite Residences looked in your City when we brought Remodeling to CityVille!

When you used to visit your neighbors, it was up to you to decide what they wanted your help on.  Now, with our Get Help Feature, you can tell your neighbors exactly where you could use a hand and continue to give you more Help requests with more reputation points.

Let’s talk space.  We introduced Malls, Neighborhoods, and our current City Center to allow you to Build your Cities Upwards rather than always Outwards by storing your Businesses, Neighborhoods, and Community Buildings. If Outwards was what you wanted, that’s great!  We introduced multiple new expansions that allowed you to Build bigger Cities!

We’ve also celebrated a few Holidays in CityVille!  You loved our Valentine’s Day feature that allowed you to create Valentines and receive special prizes from Admirers.  In the Summer, we saw 4th of July and the Fireworks shop! Later in the year, we saw a lot of very spooky cities created while progressing through Halloween in CityVille! Holidays aren’t over yet for this year Citizens! There are many new Winter and Holiday items that will give you great rewards.

Holiday’s aren’t the only things we’ve been celebrating.  We’ve continued to show love to international Cities and cultures as well with the addition of new supported languages, themes, and quests.  We’ve also seen many international flags proudly waving in your Cities.

Finally – we can’t forget all of the Behind the Scenes changes we’ve rolled out to make your Cities run better! New levels were introduced and citizens are now seeing their cities with faster load times and smoother animations!

Wow! What a list! What are some of your favorite features of the last year?

Citizens, Thank you for a great first year!  We’ve also got a lot planned for you in 2012 and we hope you’re excited for what’s coming next!  Where do you think we’ll go in the next year?  Leave us a comment below and Share this post with your Friends!


Posted by: CityVille | October 26, 2011

A Frightening Halloween!

Halloween in CityVille!

Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays! I mean, what is there not to love?  There’s no better season than Halloween if you like creepy costumes, customs, and lots of candy! The funny thing is nothing about Halloween scares me; aside from the eternal search for a perfect outfit!

This year it looks like I’m going to have to eat my words, because in CityVille these ghosts and ghoulies might actually live next door. Yikes! It’s one thing to pretend to be a vampire, but the idea of a “Count” living on my block makes my blood run cold (and in the other direction!).

Just the other day, I was in my local juice shop grabbing a drink, when the cashier asked me an extremely strange question.

“Do you want real tomato juice, or do you want ‘tomato juice’?” she asked, pointing a bucket of what looked like blood while making large deliberate “quotation” motions with her hands. GROSS! When I ask for a tomato juice smoothie, it is NOT code for “Hey I am a vampire, help me out!”

Don’t even get me started about my favorite pizza joint; garlic is now banned as a topping because they say that the “evening crowd” has an “acute food allergy” to it! To top it off, brains are now the number 1 most ordered topping; and I had the misfortune of having my pepperoni pizza order mixed up with my zombie neighbors down the street, absolutely ridiculous!

Posted by: CityVille | October 20, 2011

Halloween Hits CityVille!

Hello Citizens!

Halloween is here! With it, comes a whole bunch of super cool themed items! Check out this video for a quick look at  the Halloween stuff that has been released so far, PLUS a sneak peek at unreleased content!

Stay tuned for more, Halloween isn’t over yet!

Posted by: CityVille | September 9, 2011

So It Begins…

Phil gets booted

Friends, mayors, citizens, lend me your ears! You have worked to mold cities to your vision, built them to your needs, and overcome every obstacle in your way to make them the best! Can you handle what happens next?

Governor Phil is out! The victim of a cruel yet somehow hilarious “Clowngate” scandal. There’s no mystery about who was behind it: Krunsch! Listen folks, not everyone may like clowns –heck you can be downright scared of them if you want- but everyone can agree that there’s no harm in a bit of clowning around. It was only a matter of time and place, but the dastardly Krunsch caught poor Phil with pie on his face!

Caught red-handed

You’ve seen it on the news! It’s up to you to save your city from a hostile takeover: Run for Governor, and when you win, send Krunsch packing!

What will you do? Will you be able to navigate through the maze of politics and interest groups to demonstrate that you’re the right fit for Governor? Rise to the challenge citizens! Protect the towns that you have painstakingly molded into thriving cities, repel Krunsch and vanquish the evil that threatens to corrupt your citizens!

Start now, and get ready for what comes next. You can do it!

Posted by: CityVille | September 8, 2011

Release Notes 9/7/2011

Hello Citizens!

Here is a list of the new additions that we’ve made on September 7th, 2011:

  • Released Tonga Tower. The goal to build this restaurant  is available to players Level 50+. Completing this building will unlock another step towards getting the Eiffel Tower.

  • Best Buy business promotion ends. The Best Buy Business will now return to a regular business.
  • Produce Paradise is now permanent, changed from being limited edition.
  • Added the Kangal Dog into the Build Menu.
  • Removed multiple sideline goals from the game. Examples include Cinco De Mayo, St Patty’s Day, Rusty Gets Lost, etc. Note: The rewards that were previously locked by these goals will become unlocked in the Build Menu.
  • Introduced a patch to help reduce load times.

We hope that you enjoy these new additions to CityVille!

Posted by: CityVille | September 2, 2011

Who’s The Guy on Those Rocks?

Today we want to share a fan letter with you! This was posted on the Official Forums by our very own “Anna Conda” from the CityVille community.

There is trouble afoot in CityVille: A questionable individual has been spotted in the city, are you ready to find out who he is? Your citizens are perfectly safe for now; but get ready for some exciting challenges in the near future!

Here’s a letter from Mayor Anna Conda. Don’t worry Mayor; give your police a day off and a complimentary stay at the lovely beach resort hotel! The way we see it, having more customers will make your hotel managers happy, and your stressed police force deserves a little R&R!

“Dear Zynga,

Big trouble is brewing in my town and I don’t know who to ask for help anymore.

It seems a very suspicious person has come close to my town. I didn’t notice it myself; he must have snuck through my tight non-existent marine-security-line during the night! The manager of my beach hotel informed me, completely in tears, that a villain is scaring away all of his guests. This troubles me GREATLY! Just recently, I built a second hotel near the beach that is still in the red. So I walked over to the beach and saw a man on shore announcing all sorts of offensive things through a megaphone, all day long!

I asked my police force to take care of him. But the lot of them cannot swim, are afraid of water, and won’t go near the sea! *sigh* My superhero, the drowsy dove, does nothing. Maybe he didn’t see or sense the danger yet, and I must admit I don’t know him very well myself. 

I removed the Lifeguard Station that was on the coast -the lifeguard quit anyway… something about unbearable working conditions- and placed the Police Station on that spot. And do you think Pigeon Man would lift a finger? No!

I don’t know what to do anymore! My hydrophobic officers are in tears now that I placed their station at the coast, and the “megaphone man” screams at their offices all day. My hotel manager cries uncontrollably, my beach guests complain about their ruined trips, and I could swear that my Wheat crops withered because of all this too! Hoping for help soon!

Kind Regards,
A Concerned Mayor”

What is happening? What do you think this guy wants in your city? Let us know in the comments section below!

Note: The opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of CityVille or Zynga as a whole. This is a fan composition intended to show love for our favorite Facebook game!

Posted by: CityVille | August 18, 2011

CityVille Bits & Pieces Guide

Hello Citizens!

We’ve seen a lot of great new stuff in CityVille! Sometimes the biggest changes aren’t the most noticeable, but that doesn’t make them any less important! Understandably, it can be difficult to take everything in at once, so we’re going to do a quick recap of what I call the “bits and pieces” of CityVille.

Some of you die-hard veterans might think that I’m just stating the obvious here, but this blog is for people who might have been wondering about all of these cool new icons in their cities.


Not much introduction needed here, the images below show the different between collection icons for buildings that can be upgraded, and those that cannot. See these icons around your city!

A: Regular Supply icon shown on buildings that are awaiting supplies

B: Supply icon shown on upgradeable buildings that are awaiting supplies

C: Regular Collect icon shown on buildings that are ready to collect.

D: You guessed it! Icon shown on upgradeable businesses that are ready to collect.

Around the City

You’ll see these in your city, or while visiting a neighbor. You will see every one of these during your rise through CityVille, except for the Donut: Once you have employed a superhero in your city, he’ll work for free and never need Donuts.

A: Is the familiar icon over a Train Station that is ready to run.

B: The Helping Hearts icon that you see in neighboring cities. You or your neighbor can place these to show what you want help with. Clicking a “hearted” building/resource will get you an increased reward.

C: You can send a Tour Bus to any business in a neighboring city that you visit! When a friend sends a tour bus, you have a higher-than-normal chance to get a collectible!

D: See Donuts over a Police Station that currently has sleeping Cops. If it’s ready to collect, you’ll see this come up after you have collected.

Special Picks

Here are a few more recent icons that you’ll see around the city. Hotels and Attractions can be numerous, so these icons are the fastest way to track your building status. Ticket booths can come and go, but they usually have unique icons. The last icon in this list is probably the most confusing when you start out, but it will soon become your best friend!

A: See the VIP tag over your own Hotels when they are open and not yet ready to collect

B: You’ll see Open Doors when visiting neighbors, over any Hotels that are open and ready to accept check-ins (like you!)

C: The Green Button will show over any attraction that is ready to open. Remember, attractions are timed businesses that open for a limited time! Be prepared to send guests before you open one!

D: The Wrench will appear over an Attraction that is closed for maintenance. You can request wrenches from friends to increase the speed and payout, or it will automatically fix itself after a certain amount of time.

A: You’ll see this Ticket over a Carnival Ticket Booth that is ready to collect. Turn in tickets for prizes at the  Street Carnival!The Carnival will leave your city eventually, so collect while you can!

B: As above, you’ll see the Sand Castle over a Seashell Stand that is ready to collect. Turn in shells for prizes at the Surf ‘N Shop!

C: The Exclamation Point will appear over your own Zoo Habitats, meaning that you can currently send a donation request!

D: The glorious trifecta of functions culminated into one! You can see this Multi-Icon over Malls, and it will allow you to do 3 things. Click the Arrow, and you will see the upgrade screen, click the Money Bag to collect as you would from any business, and click the Door to open your Mall menu and add or remove the businesses inside!


There you have it! There’s no doubt that more will need to be added to this list eventually, but this should serve as a quick reference for anyone wondering about the bits and pieces of CityVille! We hope that this can help all of our players, new and old.

Do you have more icon or symbol related questions about CityVille? Let us know by posting a comment!

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Wise Words from the Carnival Barker!

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Step right up to the best Street Carnival you’ve ever seen! We have something for everyone folks: Water guns, rocket rides, fresh made pretzels and monster slides!

If you’re up for a mind bending adventure, head on over to the fun house! If you make it through the massive mirror maze, see if you can keep your balance in the rolling tunnel! When you get to the top, take a trip down our massive slide, and dive into the ball pit below!

That’s right folks! We’ve got world-class attractions to thrill and frighten you all at once! Those are fake sharks in the Dunk Tank, or are they? Try to sink poor old cruise ship director Dan with your best shot, and you could find out! Kids, we haven’t forgotten about you either; cool off and have blast at our water park while your parents play ring-toss. If you think you’ve got what it takes, try out the world biggest Claw. Don’t stand in the way of the prize chute, because nobody wants to get crushed by a giant prize teddy bear! Read More…

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A Seriously Odd Day!

Gee, there sure have been some strange things going on around the city! I guess that’s why they call it an Odd Day.

First I went to the Ice Cream Shop for the daily special, but I took one lick and got a mouthful of ocean water! For some reason, Rusty was moonlighting as the ice cream scooper, I should have known from the fishy smell as I walked through the front door! That was the first time I realized why you should never let a sea captain dream up new ice cream flavors, the old salt has seawater on the brain!

If I was smarter, I would have just gone home and stayed inside all day, but our trip to the beach was already planned. It was a great day! The sun was out with a nice cool breeze; just enough to keep you comfortable but not enough to blow away your beach umbrella. All of a sudden, I heard the roar of ship engines, and wouldn’t you guess, Rusty was at the helm! Read More…

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